3rd and 5th videos are related about our presentation on spanish arhcitectture, english subtitles are available!!


TV Series

this is the link for the TV series "Yaşasın Mimari". Episode 3 is the one we talked in the class today. by clicking on the "ingilizce altyazılı izlemek için tıklayın" button you can watch it with subtitles.


Save the Date: Contemporary Istanbul

Hello All,

As you know Istanbul is also known with its contemporary art events. Istanbul Bianneal is the second best respected around the world after Venice. What was missing was an art fair, so Contemporary Istanbul has started five years ago and today it is considered as one of the best emerging contemporary art fairs, taking its place among Frieze, ArtBasel, Scope, Armory Show and ARCO.

And it is my duty to inform you for this year's event as my brother is the coordinator of the fair. Please visit the website and don't miss the chance to see what the galleries have to exhibit.

The fair will open on 25th November, Thursday and will close on 28th November, Sunday. Discounted entrence fee for students is 12 TL.



Arts and Architecture Library

Dear All,

As you all very well know, unfortunately, most of the books on architecture and design are devastatingly expensive but there is nothing that can be done to prevent designer perfectionism, so this is the situation we have to cope with...

But still there are some Robin Hoods working for us, the students, or whoever that cannot efford to buy. Please visit the Arts and Architecture Library link on facebook to reach and download .pdf versions of the books.

Humble messenger of the Hoods